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March 23


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All right! deviantART journal… cause this is kinda important, I think. Well, some of it…? I’ll start with the important stuff and I’ll leave the personal/explanation stuff afterwards. Good? Let’s go!

So some of you may have heard that network I work with, Mochi Media is shutting down at the end of this month on March 31st, 2014. This means that the publishers I work with will no longer have the rights to post/distribute most of my games (so they won’t be available on other websites anymore) and I will no longer be receiving anymore earnings from them. So you’re probably wondering what’s going to happen, right? Here’s what I’m gonna do: I’ll post my games directly to deviantART, so you guys will be able to play them here on this site. (I’m just going to update the .swf file on every game listed in my gallery so the full game can be played there instead of them linking you to that funny full-screen play mode or another site) But I just want to say, don’t worry. Things won’t really change much for you guys? Unless if you really enjoyed playing some of my stuff on a certain site? But I will make them all available here, just for all y’all <3 Thank you for all the support. I really wanted to make sure my stuff would still be available for everyone to still play, whether I still made earnings from them or not. With all of the plays, support, and love they receive, I’m sure they mean something to many people out there. I again apologize for my lack of generating content for the past year and for my new dedication to my personal future and building of my career.

I did initially plan on seeking another partner and/or network to work with/move to right away, but due to finals and just general plans I have for spring break… I’m gonna put that on hold for now. What I was earning with Mochi Media mostly just covered a couple of my bills, but I was never fully reliant on them. And that’s why I at least work part time, ha ha ha. I have known about Mochi Media shutting down… for a while now actually. Sorry I didn’t really give any comment on this before? I wanted to prepare/get ahead for finals and I honestly needed some time to actually decide what I was going to do.

Also! I did say that I was going to stick with the April Fool’s thing (those awful dating sims) Let’s just say I might be late this year…? (Does that defeat the whole purpose of creating something for April Fool's? But almost all of you know it's a thing that I post weird games that day? Better late than never?) Hey, JonTron was late for Christmas with a video by like two months, not sayin’ that two wrongs make a right, just sayin’ that it’s a thing. And that I love him. And Game Grumps. And food. And makeup. And cute clothes. And Rilakkuma. Where was I at? Oh, yes. Youtube. Man, I’ve been feeling sick lately. When I feel under the weather, I’ll sit in front of my computer, wrapped in my fluffy blanket, and just watch Youtube videos all day. I’d like to believe that I haven’t been feeling well because I’m almost done with finals and my body is just saying, “done? yea? k ill turn everything off”, but to be honest with myself, I haven’t really been physically active in the past two years, haven’t been outside much at all ( so pale… ;-; ), and ever since I started going to college, my diet has been kinda awful? I have a bad habit of not eating and skipping meals, specifically when I’m in tune with my work and projects for school. Doesn't help that I tend to lose weight when under stress? Let’s just say that I weigh less than a hundred pounds now…? Is that bad? Really bad? I’m working on it! I love food! I’ll make time for the things I love, right? Also, I have this weird lump on my upper neck… my lymph node is just swollen, right? It’s just fighting off bacteria and viruses, yeah? Eh, I’ll just let it do its job. And I’ll just stick to my job of whatever. Yeah! Tag team! //high fives lymph node
Eh, though this is the time of year where my body usually gets sick because the weather can't make up its mind from being wintery cold to warm and sunny and my body doesn't deal well with the sudden, dramatic changes @__@

Thanks for all the birthday messages too (early, late, or whatnot) ;//o//; I feel a little old now... but I definitely still feel young as I'm the youngest person in my program at school. Makes me feel very, very small and little sometimes but new and fresh at the same time ha ha.

Sorry like half of my sentences end in question marks, like wow, when did that become a thing for me?


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Obsesser13 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Student
How/What do you use to make these games? Do you work alone?
cxnders Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
As far as I know, she uses a really old version of flash to make the games! And she does all the work herself, yes. ouo
samsilly12345 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Where's the game you've been promising for like two years???
Amacey Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Student
I'm glad you're fine
Lauraesque Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm so glad you'll continue with your games, even though you no longer can get paid... It just shows how much you care about your fans <3 I really hope you feel better soon! And make sure you go to see a doctor if you feel seriously sick, we all care about you :)
ShawnHeaytherly Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
I'm happy to wait if it means I get to keep playing such amazing games.
YukitoUchiha Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
Just take all the time you need Amy-san pray that you'll get better soon!! 
OtakuNatsu Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Take your time Amy-san you don't wanna get sicker than you already are right xD I SHALL WAIT MORE!!!!
nadiwa Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Will you be making any more dating sim games in the future or not? I really enjoy them
ash-podsolnechnik Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you for all the games you have made and also thank you for deciding to keep on making them!!
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