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June 4, 2012
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Memory Days Sim Date promo by Pacthesis Memory Days Sim Date promo by Pacthesis
This is probably by far the girliest looking thing in my gallery at the moment... (really, I don't use pink often in designs)

THIS IS... my next project.

It's not a complete remake of this and this, but a new sim date based on those two games. (this is similar to how Lunar Days Sim Date was based off the comic "Emerald Moon"... most characters/main story/ideas stays the same, but it did go through some distinct changes)

Now I don't plan on remaking any other sim dates. Anime Sim Date 2.0/2.5 are special because one, they were pretty much the first dating simulations I made... and two, they are both ridiculously outdated but still have some potential to be great in my view.
If you didn't like these guys in Anime Sim Date 2.0/2.5, don't worry. They are veteran sim boys now. They've been training hard and will definitely show off more charm in this game.

:bulletpink: Confirmed characters: Haru, Daichi, Kai

:bulletpink: Why are there less characters to choose from? This game will focus on building relationships over time. (see new date/time system below)

:bulletpink: There will be at least one unlockable/secret character (note: Sakka may OR may not be in this game. More planning needs to be done...)
EDIT: I'm starting to think that I may have to break my promise of having a secret character in this game... I'm just not feeling him, y'know?

:bulletpink: The "player character" will be "Ai"

:bulletpink: Game play might be a little more "visual-novely" than "RPG-ish"

:bulletpink: Instead having 30 days/a month to win the hearts of the sim boys, the whole game will be broken down into four 7 day weeks, each week playing through a season. (autumn, winter, spring, summer)

:bulletpink: There's a lot of art and writing that has to be done. This project is going to take a while, but my ultimate goal is to get it done within this summer.

More updates likely to come! Stay tuned~ ;w;
Butchi-001 Jun 9, 2012  Student General Artist
I mean By what the character will look like and original name
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