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January 1, 2012
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Happy New Year, Everyone~
If that link doesn't work for you, try this one. (More alternate sites to play this game on can be found via Google)

Itís finally done! Thanks for the patience. I spent a lot of time debugging so hopefully there wonít be any big issues while you play.
:bulletgreen: EDIT: Some people see dialog cut off at some points. I increased text box sizes, so hopefully no one gets that anymore. The 100 item thing should be gone too now... and Elias also got his face back.

There are 17 different endings (And 17 cheats codes too...) In my opinion, all but one of the endings are pretty decent so... donít hesitate to get them all?
:bulletgreen: Hint: All the characters except Aiden have 2 endings. Aiden has 3 because *cough* spoiler *cough* he doesn't have a parallel self in Karina's world because that's actually where he belongs. So if you end the game with Aiden without getting far enough into the relationship, he'll just stay there while you go home. Note that this ending is the only "bad" one in my mind.

:star: You guys can also vote for your favorite character here.
(A special thanks to an anonymous deviant for donating a membership to make this possible)

HRRGGGHHH... now itís time... for me to get some well earned rest...

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Lunar Days Sim Date Info:new: It's out now~ :thumb277108306: Have fun and happy new year~ :new:

Sooo much for being lazy. Got this journal done a lot soon than expected.

Da dun dun dun daaaaaa~ ♫
This is my current project: Lunar Days Sim Date. Here, I already made a FAQ so don't ask unnecessary questions:

:bulletgreen: Q: Release date?
A: idk. tba. Maybe around 2012 like how it says on the poster above? Around January 2012...

:bulletgreen: Q: How many characters are datable?
A: Eight. Four are unlockable though.

:bulletgreen: Q: What about Xolga and Mr. Toko? ;A;
A: Like Chrono Days, they will be running shops in this game. Mr. T
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kelzpoo Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
um...some of the arrows arnt working
Pinkiee1233 Apr 16, 2014   Traditional Artist
i dont know im soul mate with all O_O
the game is working on this site ! :) datinggamesforgirls.simdategam…
HELP!!! whenever i start the game it just says soul mate on all of the characters and i have all the itams also i cant see them and i can only go to certen places! what do i do?
Ooh my gosh, the same thing is happening to me..! o: 
Oh! :faint: I should have checked the comments earlier! ^^; I restarted the game like 3+ times!! x'D Phew, it's not just me~ :D
Thank god I'm not the only one.....btw I typed Lunar days sim date in google and got to play it on another website
East street then go to east districtand then go to the hideout. :P
RAINBOWDALEK Apr 6, 2014  New member
HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET BACK HOME?!  (Sorry for swearing)
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